Me Want Cookie (Monster to Host SNL)

Let’s be honest. If you’ve never seen Sesame Street, you’re not alive. It’s just good ‘ole-fashioned fun. It’s an absolute classic. And the team behind this most venerable of educational children’s shows really knows what’s up. While perusing Mashable the other day, I stumbled across this little treat (literally). Now come on. HOW FUN IS THAT? Who doesn’t love Cookie Monster? It certainly took me back to the blissfully carefree days of yore, rolling around the den in hysterics, watching Cookie Monster eat everything in sight.

But this extends beyond happy nostalgia. Tapping into the success off the get-Betty-White-on-SNL campaign, the gang over at Sesame Street is using social media- not only a viral video, but also a Facebook fan page with over 43,000 likes (and rapidly increasing)- to make their way back into the conscious of the now “too old to watch” audience. Not that we could ever actually forget that Sesame Street exists. But it’s not always at the forefront of our minds. Except maybe when Katy Perry’s appearance gets yoinked because of her…well…just YouTube it. Ms. Perry’s deemed “inappropriate” (and consequently unaired) guest spot has over EIGHT MILLION views on YouTube. Well played, Sesame Street. Well played.

Point is, I LOVE SESAME STREET. No. Well, yes. But really- I genuinely appreciate this little bit of viral marketing. It’s well done and it makes me happy. And who knows? Maybe Cookie Monster will be hosting SNL’s 37th season premiere? I can’t say I’d be mad about it.

ps Does anyone know when Monster Gaga’s album drops?

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