Mobile Phone Use is On The Rise! Are You Ready for It?

According to Mobile Access 2010, a new study released by Pew Internet & American Life Project, “40% of adults use the internet, email or instant messaging on a mobile phone.”

Overall, people in the US are more likely to use their mobile phones to do more than before. Here are a couple of stats from the report:

  • Take pictures—76% now do this, up from 66% in April 2009
  • Send or receive text messages—72% vs. 65%
  • Access the internet—38% vs. 25%
  • Play games—34% vs. 27%
  • Send or receive email—34% vs. 25%
  • Record a video—34% vs. 19%
  • Play music—33% vs. 21%
  • Send or receive instant messages—30% vs. 20%

This is all interesting, but it gets relevant when segmented by age groups and function. For example, not surprisingly Young Adults Lead All Mobile Apps, 30-to-49 Bracket Leads in Growth, Minority Mobile Use Outpaces White Mobile Use.

Also of interest is the fact that 82% of adults have mobile phones. I expected this number to higher, but 82% is healthy.

Most astonishing though is the fact that 60% of Americans now use the mobile web.

Have you seen what your web site looks like on a mobile browser? Yikes! These stats begins to explain why most of our clients are asking for mobile sites these days.

Stay tuned for idfive’s new mobile site… launching in the next couple of weeks.

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