About Us we’re integrated, immersive, interactive, and results-driven. We’re idfive and we believe in informed design!

idfive was founded in late 2005 by a group of seasoned communications professionals who shared a common philosophy: great design must be built upon a complete understanding of our clients, their companies, their customers, their prospects, and their competition. We also understood that the world had changed and that advertising needed to change with it.

Informed design allows us to focus real knowledge about markets, audiences, competitive situations, and technologies on creating what our clients need to achieve their goals, no matter where and no matter when. Whether the right solution is a website, an online or traditional campaign, research and testing, printed materials, or multimedia applications, our expertise and experience allows us to deliver on our strategic plans with confidence. And our structured, collaborative process means that we deliver quality work on time and on budget. 

Our Promise

To be tirelessly committed to flexibility, collaboration, and results. To nurture open, honest, and respectful communication at all times. And to create beautiful, flexible solutions to human problems—from the strategy behind the campaign to the backend code that drives a website to the visuals that users interact with along every brand touch point.

Five principles support informed design:

Knowing what you don’t know is the core of true understanding.
We begin with the knowledge that understanding is key. Once we discover the unknowns, we can work to find answers. It’s only then that true creativity driven by strategic insight can come to bear.

Design with a Capital D
“Design” is about creating beautiful solutions to human problems. The strategy behind the campaign, the code that underlies the backend of a website, or the visuals that users interact with, on the screen or on paper, all of these are essential design elements.

Active Management
Informed design starts with research, but we make sure that it stays informed as we track performance and continuously adjust to maximize the return on your advertising dollars. 

Structured Flexibility
We believe in clear results, but how we get there requires tinkering and calibration. Structured flexibility allows us to accomplish our upfront goals and make the necessary adjustments along the way.

Balance, Urgency, Respect, and Pride... these are the guiding principles we follow with everything we do.